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Check In With Yourself

Oftentimes, we go through a whole day without taking a break and assessing how we’re really doing. Most of us check in with several people throughout the day - our bosses, parents, partners, and children - but how often do we ask ourselves how we are doing or what we are needing? We may be asked, “How are you?” throughout the day several times, but how often do you really think about the answer to that question before responding? Are you honest with your answer, or do you just give a quick “good!” and move on? Or maybe at some point in the day we get into a funky mood, and we’re not really sure why. To dive deeper into this, here are 14 questions you can reflect on when checking in with yourself:

1. How am I really feeling?

2. How would I like to feel?

3. What do I need?

4. What can I let go of?

5. What’s working?

6. What’s not working?

7. What can I change to improve my current situation?

8. What can I celebrate?

9. What can I do less of today?

10. What can I do more of today?

11. What am I thankful for?

12. What are the positive aspects of my current situation?

13. How am I taking care of myself today?

14. What brought me joy today?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, make the necessary adjustments to your day or your surroundings in order to make yourself feel better. Ask yourself how you can make the answer to “How are you?” an enthusiastic great, and make those changes. You can take back control of your mood by checking in, because you can figure out what needs to be done in order to change your mood. For an extra bit of mindfulness, jot these prompts down in your journal, and write about them. This way, you can look back at them later and watch how the answers change as you grow.

Thanks for reading!


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