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Don't Judge Yourself; You're Doing the Best You Can

Being hard on yourself can be a tough habit to break, especially when you’re a perfectionist like myself. The thing about perfectionism is that it’s often paired with unrealistic expectations and self-judgement; while you’re trying to be the best you can be, you don’t accept anything less than perfect. This can happen in both yoga and life, whether we just can’t stand tipping over in a pose, or get down on ourselves for errors at work. This results in feeling like you have to be the best, or you’re just not good enough. With perfectionism, we’re pressuring ourselves to try to reach unrealistic goals, which only sets us up for failure. This is a terrible cycle that only leaves you feeling like you let yourself down. Your “best” doesn’t have to be perfect! Your practice will vary from day to day, and that’s okay. It’s time we kick perfectionism and self-judgement to the curb and allow ourselves to flourish with realistic goals that push us, but don’t break us. Instead, try setting some realistic goals and expectations for yourself, and you’ll feel great when you smash them! Allow yourself room to be human, and be patient with yourself.

Keep in mind that other people probably aren’t judging you for the work that you’re doing or the yoga that you’re practicing. Other people are mostly just paying attention to themselves and their practice, so they don’t often pay attention to those around them enough to focus on how someone else is doing. Honestly, how often do you really see someone making a mistake and think, “Wow, that’s embarrassing”? Probably not very often! Everyone has the right to a judgement-free yoga practice, free from both self-judgement, and judgement from others.

Although, I know I’m not the only one who is their own worst critic! However, yoga has really helped me work on judging myself less as I’ve grown through my practice. I’ve learned that judging myself prevents me from getting the most out of the relaxation and meditation that yoga can provide. Don’t judge yourself; you’re doing the best you can! Everyone makes mistakes, loses their balance, and has off-days from time to time. This is true in both yoga, and life. Every single person on this Earth is imperfect, and there’s great beauty in that. It’s okay to modify a pose to make it more accessible to you - that’s what yoga is all about! The moments where we fall short are an opportunity for growth. Each time you try again, you get stronger and stronger. You learn and become more resilient as you practice. Doing your best is all you can expect from yourself, and you push yourself as far as you feel is right for you. Look at each “mistake” as a moment where you can pause, acknowledge how you feel, and move on. Challenge yourself to just notice the judgement, instead of judging yourself for judging yourself. After you catch yourself having judgmental thoughts, switch it out with a positive thought instead!

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